This body of work is devoted to a synchronous presentation of Malta’s leading politicians of the 20th and 21st century. The monochromatic representation which juxtaposes and reproduces photographs of well-known personalities. The exhibit (consisting of four separate but connected ‘pictures’) reproduces a photographic/newspaper style which are merged and reworked to produce a historical version in line with its title: Radical Irony.

In particular, it is proposed to illustrate a ‘movement’ in time by bringing together notable personages from the political field: the pairing of political opponents. Through an excursus starting from the early 20th century, my exhibit proposes to challenge the accepted public perception of these politicians in order to highlight two aspects which are pertinent to the political field in general and the Maltese one in particular. As from the early 20th century (but also earlier), the Maltese scene has always been presented as a ‘duel’ between two contending, antagonistic leaders. The theme underlying my exhibit will – apart from foregrounding ironically such antagonism, present a radical reading of Malta’s political scene. The sequence of ‘visions’ produced ironically and radically challenge popular perceptions of local politics. The final, concluding part of the exhibit will depart from the synchronic and enter the diachronic: it endeavours to effect a temporal convergence through the re-presentation of contemporary ‘antagonists’ in company with – and attending to – a personality which can arguably be perceived as the most controversial – and radical – of early 20th century Malta, thereby attaining its ironic, but more importantly, its radical effect. The ironic and radical effect will be heightened through absence – that of religion which, in the local political scene, has always underlay, conditioned and, under various guises, conflict.

Medium: Oil on canvas mounted on wood

Size: 60cm x 80cm x3   |   100cm x 150cm x1

Exhibition: Divergent Thinkers 2014  /  BLITZ Gallery, Valletta, Malta  /  thisisblitz.com