Dates: Friday 11 May – Friday 8 June 2018
Venue: Art..e Gallery, Victoria, Gozo, Malta
‘Being Us’ is a visual conversation between two artist friends regarding the essence of life. This brings together a body of work that both artists address in their own way by means of their own, individual expression. Their works reflect Jean-Paul Sartre’s existentialist idea to life, that is that the world has no meaning and it is our own actions that form our character. Both artists believe that from conception, humans are on a constant journey to find their self through free will and personal decisions which are subject to the culture they are born in. It is here where these artists meet. Mario’s works look more into the things that mould our life, whereas Justin’s works look into what will give an end to all this, death. It is through such conversations that these two artists manage to come up with a thought-provoking body of work (drawings and paintings). This brings two opposing aspects under analysis; is it important to live without thinking about death, or is it important to think about death to feel alive?